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Our site has implemented strict safety standards in order to protect the personal and confidential information written therein from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Our site uses, among other security measures such as hardware and software "firewall", automatic log outs and data encryption (256-Bit SSL Encryption).


Good management requires above all a strict cost control.

That is why our costs are modest and do not hinder the proper management of your divided co-ownership of an immovable.


Each user has a specific user name as well as their own password.

During the registration process, the user confirms having read the user license which clearly states that it agrees not to disclose to anyone the user name and password and that, under penalty of immediate suspension his account.

One account only

You act as an administrator or manager of several divided co-ownership of immovables? Only one account suffices!

By connecting himself to his personal account, the user acting as administrator or manager can create and manage separate co-ownership registries for each immovable concerned.

Structured and organised

Our site structure is organized in such a way that the user can quickly and efficiently identify and access the information on the site.

Thus, the user has instant access to information and documents that are stored therein based on the type of account, namely administrator, co-owner, manager or prospective purchaser.

Increased visibility

You want to increase the visibility of your divided co-ownership of an immovable on our website?

When you become a member of the co-ownership registry, you can view photos, enter a descriptive text about your immovable and even publicise your list of useful contacts, either free of charge or following a monetary agreement between your divided co-ownership of an immovable and the desired contacts.

Thus, you can not only pay for the use of your registry but to generate profits for your syndicate of co-owners.

This advertisement is available to all users who access the main page of our website and view the section entitled Members of the co-ownership registry.

Time efficient

Our software has been designed to allow you to save time and money thanks to the centralization of information, the organizational structure, the efficient management tools that quickly establish the necessary contribution to the common expenses and other funds, the vote compiler which gathers the votes obtained in general meetings of co-owners.

Easy communication

Emailing is the modern and efficient way to communicate with the other members of the co-ownership registry. Emails can be used to transmit news and/or messages to all members of the co-ownership registry holding a valid email account.

The same goes for any information between administrators and managers or between co-owners posted on the message boards.